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Riga FAQ's

If you have a question about Riga, Lativa or any of our services, we would always encourage you to contact us. However if you don't like email or phones then feel free to browse our FAQ's below. If we haven't answered your question, then I’m afraid you will have to talk to us, we dont bite...honestly


1. Where is Riga?
A. Riga is the capital of Latvia which is a country that makes up the Baltic States. These also include Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia also borders with Russia and would be considered Eastern Europe (We like to think of ourselves as Northern European however).


2. Is it always cold in Latvia?
A. Despite the term ‘crikey its Baltic out there’ Latvia is blessed with warm but short summers, where temperatures can easily top out at 33 degrees. We must be honest however, as during the depths of winter, we can also drop as low as -30 however -15/20 is about normal from January-March.


3. What is the Latvian currency?
A. In 2014 Latvia will adopt the Euro as its national currency, up until then it is the Latvian Lat. The change is met with opposition as many Latvians feel that the Lat is a sign of their own independence and many are sad to see it go.


4. How far is the airport from the city centre?
A. We are blessed that the airport is only 12km from the city centre, an average transfer time by taxi would be 20mins, however traffic can get heavy in peak hours.


5. How much should I expect to pay to get from the airport to the centre?
A. If you stick to the Green Baltic Taxi’s then you will avoid the ripoff taxis that do operate around the airport, this will cost around 10-12euros. If you are travelling in a group then you are best to take on of our transfers. If you are travelling in small numbers, then bus number 22 will take you from the airport to the centre, this will cost around 1euro.


6. What is a good local beer and what should I expect to pay?
A. Well, its all down to personal taste however Valmiermuiza is a personal favourite of T2R, you should expect to pay between 3 and 4.50euros for a 1/2 litre (1 pint). You can also try some other cheaper local beers, such as Cesis or Lacplesis and this will set you back around 2.50euros

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