Olympic Bobsleigh

  • Return Transfers & Guide
  • 1 Run on the Olympic Bob
  • Access to Viewing Tower

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Olympic Bobsleigh

  • Return Transfers & Guide
  • 1 Run on the Olympic Bob
  • Access to Viewing Tower
  • Hot Black Balzam
Location: Sigulda
Duration: 3 hours
Price 79 Eur per person

1km in under 48seconds, 115kph on ice and up to -4g in the final corner. These figures speak volumes but to really understand what they mean, you have to experience them. A truly unique activity that can only be done in a few places world-wide, the bobsleigh is driven by a representative of the Latvian Olympic team, so you are in safe hands. 

The Bobsleigh experience is not just about the the ride, you will also have access to the viewing tower where you can see across the beautiful Gauja national park and river. The best bit is warming up with a cup of hot Black Balzam, Riga’s famous herbal liquor. 

Its worth remembering that if you are doing this activity in the depths of winter, the track can get as cold as -25 so please remember to bring a hat, gloves and warm shoes as well as a good winter jacket, trust us it will be well worth it.

If the Olympic Bobsleigh looks a bit too fearsome for you, then dont worry you can still experience the bobsleigh track in the Tourist Sled, not as fast or with the same thrill but great for kids and those not looking for an adrenaline fix

If you plan to visit Riga between April and September then you can try out the Summer Bobsleigh, a modified bobsleigh on wheels. Not as fast but still heaps of fun.

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Linda Ryan January 10, 2017

We had a spectacular time even though it was -20...The experience was super fun couldn't wipe the grins off our faces, also our guide Anastasia was an absolute hoot she kept us laughing and was so funny and willing to answer any questions we had.

We would highly recommend this experience for anyone who is willing to travel at over
100klm speeds....

Thank you for arranging this for us

Adam Harris December 09, 2014

Everything went like clockwork on Saturday so I’m very pleased. The guides were great; punctual, friendly and helpful, particularly the nightlife guide who took us on a bar crawl in the evening as well. The bob itself was a great experience and everything there seemed very proficient 

All in all very happy with the experience, so thanks

Georgina Polonski January 28, 2014
The trip was excellent and so was the lovely lady who came to pick us up. She was friendly, knowledgeable and even helped us organise our taxi back to the airport! I would definitely recommend you to friends. My friend who I travelled with had booked us on a shooting tour separately and we had a terrible experience so 10 out of 10 for you guys!... And bob sleigh is just the most fun thing in the world ever. 


Thanks again, really it was the highlight of the trip. 

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