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Gun Shooting

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Location: Riga
Duration: 2 hours
Price 40 Eur per person

Line up the sight, take a breath and squeeze the trigger. Shooting in Riga is a must do activity for a memorable weekend. Get your hands on some of the Worlds best know guns and unload on the target! Gun shooting in Riga is by far one of our most popular activities and its easy to see why. This is your chance to shoot the guns that have become famous in Hollywood blockbusters;

Glock17 - The Police Gun

The Glock17 is used by police forces all over the World, the 9mm semi-automatic version is the one that you will fire...choose your stance, American or European either way nothing can prepare you for the kick this little pistol packs. 5 rounds on the Glock17 is enough to help you understand why this gun is so popular with the forces...

AK74 Saiga

Predecessor to one of the most iconic and famous guns in the World, the AK-47. The Saiga is a new modified rifle but its lost none of its heritage. The kick is punchy rather than forceful which will help with your accuracy, even first time shooters can rack up some headshots on this gun.

Winchester Pump-Action

Think lockstock, or Terminator 2 and you get an idea of the film pedigree this gun carries...the very motion of pumping each cartridge into the chamber will have you smiling with delight. This gun packs the most kick, you are firing a single slug round which leaves a hole the size of a euro coin in the target...  


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Sushant Nayak February 04, 2014

We use the services of Travel2riga for the gun shooting tour. We were told that Inguna would come pick us up at 3.30 and she was there right on time. The shooting range was quite a distance from our hotel and we were taken in a land rover to the place. 
Inguna and Eric(I hope I got his name right) were very friendly and patiently answered all our inquisitive questions. When we reached the place, we had to wait for sometime, that's when Eric suggested we play the national sport "Novuss" . We had so much fun playing the game. 

The shooting itself was fun and the instructor was friendly and explained the consequences of incorrect usage of the gun. It is an eye opening tour in terms of how guns are dangerous.
We also wanted to do the husky tour but that didnt work out because the poor dogs didnt have enough snow to pull us on.

Thanks Graham and Inguna for making this unique tour an extra special one.

Anonymous April 02, 2013

Travel2Riga were there for me right from the time, I decided to book my holiday to Riga , everything was taken care of, Lana was the most perfect host and helped to make my trip a golden memory.
They have so many activity trips to choose from, me being a military man I tried the shooting and it was great fun, and of course I had to try Lana's guided pub crawl !!! Overall if you are thinking of going to Riga you have to check them out, and if your not going you should !!!!!

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