Olympic Bobsleigh

  • Return Transfers & Guide
  • 1 Run on the Olympic Bob
  • Access to Viewing Tower

Riga Night Tour Offer

  • 3 Bars & 1 Club
  • 3 hours

Partybus Transfer

  • Party Bus Hire
  • Open To Group Size Of 8 +
  • Transfer From Airport

Tourist Bobsleigh

  • 1 Run On The Tourist Bobsleigh
  • Return Transfers
  • English Speaking Guide
  • For Groups 8+
Location: Sigulda
Duration: 3 hours
Price 55 Eur per person

For those who aren't quite brave enough to take on the Olympic Bobsleigh, the Tourist bobsleigh offers a tamer ride. Basically a padded bathtub, the Vucko is a great option for kids or those who want the experience without the thrill. You can't really compare the Vucko with the Olympic Bobsleigh, however if your not looking for the adrenaline fix, the Vucko is for you.

Its worth remembering that if you are doing this activity in the depths of winter, the track can get as cold as -25 so please remember to bring a hat, gloves and warm shoes as well as a good winter jacket, trust us it will be well worth it. 

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