Olympic Bobsleigh

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  • 1 Run on the Olympic Bob
  • Access to Viewing Tower

Riga Night Tour Offer

  • 3 Bars & 1 Club
  • 3 hours

Partybus Transfer

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  • Open To Group Size Of 8 +
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What to do in Riga

If gun shooting is not your thing, then why not think about the winter thrill of Bobsleigh? There is no bigger rush than flying down the Bobsleigh track at 115kph pulling up-to -5g in the corners. If you are visiting in summer then don't worry, you can get an idea of what to expect with our summer bobsleigh activity.


While you are in the adrenaline capital of Latvia, why not try the Wind Tunnel or better still a bungee jump from a cable car crossing the Gauja River...


Paintball In RigaIf you are looking for things to do in Riga, then Travel2Riga has just about every activity that is available. Paint-balling on a former soviet army base, indoor and outdoor Karting and 4x4 off roading are all perfect activities for a leisure weekend or for your corporate trip to Riga.


At the end of a fun weekend, what better way to unwind than with a trip to one of Northern Europe's most luxurious Spa’s? Relax in the sauna and steam room, or swim your hang over away in the amazing indoor pool. If you are looking for a more personal Spa experience then the floating Spa is for you. Up-to 10 people can enjoy the privacy of the sauna, hot tub and Kisezers Lake for a dip, even in the depths of winter.


Riga is not only about relaxing and adrenaline; there is also room for those who simply want to do some sightseeing. Our professional city guides will show you around our beautiful city on a number of different tours. Biking tours, Segway tours and even soviet car tours are all possible if you’re not a fan of walking. We also have standard walking tours through the narrow streets of Riga's UNESCO Old Town and the stunning Art Nouveau area. Why not try our Walking Tour with Black Balzam, this is a great chance to see Riga's Old Town and finish off with a hot Black Balzam for wintertime or a Black Balzam shot during the summer. This herbal liquor has not changed its recipe in over 250 years, still consisting of 24 herbs to give this drink its taste and history.


If you are looking to play a game of football or Rugby vs a local team in Riga then our sport tours are the perfect mix of game time and play time, we can also arrange other sports tours to Riga such as Ice Hockey, Basketball and floorball. Combined with Riga's famous nightlife a football or rugby tour to Riga is the perfect way to end your season


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