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Where to Eat in Riga

Latvia is not famed for its adventurous cuisine; a stereotypical dish will consist of potatoes, dill and pork escalope in breadcrumbs. But don’t let this stereotype fool you, while this may be closer to home in the Latvian country side, Riga plays host to numerous restaurants from Thai to Spanish and of course a modern twist on traditional Latvian foods.


One of the most popular types of restaurant in Riga is the steak house. One of the original steak houses is called Steiku Haoss, over the last 10 years they have picked up a reputation for a large selection of steaks and marinades. Beware though, they don’t come cheap and its fair to say that this is one of Riga’s more expensive eateries.


Ribs & Rock RigaIf you looking for another Steak or ribs option then the themed restaurant Steak House seamlessly blends fun ambiance with great service and a very tasty menu, at a more competitive price. Located in the Old Town, Steak House is a great option for group dinners, both leisure and corporate.


If you are looking to try some more traditional Latvian food, then there are two options at different ends of the scale. The first is Salve, a cozy restaurant opposite the Riga City Hall. Dining here will feel like you have been invited into a county house by a grandmother, and the home-style cooking will match. Tasty and hearty food will leave you feeling very content.


3 Pavaru RigaThe second option here is 3 Pavaru, (3 Chefs) Riga has seen a surge in the number of young chefs taking traditional recipes and adding a continental twist. When you chose to eat in 3 Pavaru you are opening up to a whole new dining experience with some of Latvia’s hottest chefs cooking up seasonal dishes and presented in a more unusual way.


Another of Riga’s famous eating venues is Lido, dotted all around the city this canteen style eatery is hugely popular with locals and tourists alike. The most popular of all Lido’s is the Lido Recreation Centre, complete with Ice Rink in the winter and various children’s rides and activities. The home-style cooking in Lido is also very cost effective, so long as you don’t pile your plate sky high with various different dishes.


Riga is also picking up a reputation for unique and off beat restaurants, the latest of which is 371, located in the Central Market and run by one of Riga’s best know chefs. Cooking what is available to him in the market, they also run cooking workshops where you can buy the produce and cook together with the crew.


Street Burger RigaSometimes a simple Burger and Fries will suffice, for this you need to visit one of two places, either Street Burger or Deli Snack. Street Burger is located opposite the Radisson Blu Latvia and provides a great selection of burgers and amazing hand cut fries. Deli Snack is located in the Old Town on a small street behind Galerija Centrs, some of the best burgers in town, one of our favourites is the Elvis Burger…perfect hangover food!


If you are visiting Riga with a group or your company, then please dont hesitate to email or call us for advise on where to eat, we can also help with restaruant reservations and catering for gala dinner events.


For a list of our favourite restaurants in Riga you can check our our restaurants section. If you want to book a table then you can email us and we will take care of everything for you. If you have any questions related to a restaurant in Riga then you can also contact us and we will be happy to give our impartial advice. Yet there is another fast and easy way to get acquainted with gastronomic side of Riga: download FREE Riga restaurant guide FOODDY and you will have all the necessary information at hand whenever you need it. It also comes in offline version and with navigation, so no more worries about roaming costs. And you can even book a table simply using your email.


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