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Travel2Riga - Your Party Guru's In Riga

Riga has long been know as the party capital of the Baltic’s and with good reason. However knowing where to party, what venue is hot and when, is something that is no so well known, thats where we come in, your Riga 'party guru's'.


First Dacha Riga - Travel2Riga your Party GurusOver the years, Riga has developed its nightlife, long gone are the days of the massive Essential club, replaced now by swanky joints like First Dacha and KOYA in the trendy port area. Its fair to say that these bars and clubs don’t lend themselves well to large groups of lads, but for those who like to rub shoulders with Riga's elite then these are the venues for you.


OK Riga's Old Town has always been home to some traditional basement / cellar type bars, the new Ala Folk Klubs has taken this to a new level...Without some guidance from our awesome guides, you could easily miss this spot. The cavernous interior is filled with folk music, local girls and loads of local beers and liquors...If you are asking us, this is easily one of the best spots in town, especially from Thursday to Sunday.


As your Riga Party Guru's its our duty to make sure that you hit the right spots at the right time. When you take one of our night tours our guides will make sure that you don’t peak too early, a mistake that many groups make. Clubs in Riga don’t get going until after 01:00 and normally stay open until 06:00, giving you plenty of time to hit the dance-floor and show off your moves.


As with all major European cities, there are some areas and venues that we advise you not to visit. You can see a full list in our 'Playing It Safe In Riga' article, some sound free advice goes a long way to making sure you have a weekend to remember. This is where we as 'Party Guru's' come in really handy, from night tours to free advice we will make sure that you know what places to avoid.


There aren’t too many bars or clubs in Riga that would openly call themselves 'Stag' friendly however so long as your aren’t smashing glasses dancing on tables and play-fighting on the dance-floor, most pubs and larger venues have no problems letting you drink responsibly. Clubs however are a different matter, they like to keep things cool and a group of drunk lads doesn’t do their image any good.


Stag Party in Riga - Travel2Riga your party guruTypically we work with Kalku Varti, Rock Cafe and Ala Bar and they are all located in the Old Town. This is another reason to use our services, our guides can keep you in check and make sure there are no problems at the door. As 'Party Guru's' its our job to read you like a book and pick the best places to suit you, so look at it like this;


- Cool, trendy and responsible = Cool club with good vibe and good music (more local)


- Drunk, loud and rude = Early night & a club with other groups behaving the same way (not very local)


If you can pitch yourself in the middle of these two then you will have a fantastic time in Riga with only positive memories.


If you are thinking to visit Riga and you need some reassurances then please don’t hesitate to email or call us and we will be more than happy to help, as 'Party Guru's' its our job ;)



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